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We are open all year

Fried, broiled & raw seafood, plus a menu of burgers, BBQ & wings, served in a no-frills settings.


About Tony's Pier Restaurant

Tony’s Pier Restaurant is a 276-seat, cash-only seafood restaurant offering items such as fried shrimp platters, steamers, and crab clusters. Bar has an inexpensive selection of pina coladas. 

Tony’s Pier classic menu of clams, oysters, lobster and fried shrimp, flounder, calamari, scallops and all things from out of the sea (along with burgers and chicken, just in case). Diners have their choice of outdoor or indoor cafeteria-style seating at this casual eatery; either option offers views of the water, just a stone’s throw away.

This is how Tony's Pier does seafood.